What our clients say

“We have come to trust and rely on Summit not only for the high quality of their work but also for the effective way in which they quickly capture messages and concepts before adding their own value to the finished product. They are closely aligned to the needs of the business and guide us professionally in the communications process. Their extensive B2B knowledge and marketing savvy are qualities highly valued by clients such as ourselves.”

Tim Eaves, CEO and Co-Founder, Quadpack Group

“Summit writes, updates and maintains all copy for one of our key clients’ web site. They also write its competition copy, banner ads and campaign-based advertorials. Summit knows the brief by heart so copy flies through approval.”

Sue Wall, Founder/Director, Alchemy Interactive

“Fantastic – Summit takes care of all our marcomms needs, managing our public relations, corporate collateral and marketing strategies as part of one, integrated package. They understand our business and work with us to optimise our communications. They’re a vital part of our team.”

Charles Balcomb, Managing Director, Databac Group

“Summit has written many high-quality articles for me on automatic identification and card technology for various magazines. Their press release writing is first class; this is a very important skill that demonstrates that they understand about writing for the press and not just producing words that make customers feel warm and fuzzy.”

Iestyn Armstrong-Smith, Editor, Writer & Consultant

“During my reign as editorial assistant at Package Design magazine, I have worked with Summit on numerous projects, from articles to product submissions on a regular basis. Summit is incredibly prompt to reply to my inquiries and delivers quality editorial information on time with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.”

Kara Dunford, Copywriter

“Summit is extremely professional and understands the needs of its customers. They always meet deadlines and deliver high-quality work.”

Muriel Lesbros, Managing Director, B2B S3crets

“We use Summit for much of our writing and editing work. They have a knack of cutting through dense technical information and drawing out the core of an issue. With Summit’s help, we have produced some first-rate technical papers, press releases and contributed magazine features.”

John Rogers, Chief Designer, Ringmat Developments